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Simon (Vocals)
Ciaron (Guitars and everything else).

Born out of the necessity to produce the kind of music that they felt they just weren't hearing anymore, Simon & Ciaron hatched the Silver plan.

The plan was to bring together their considerable talents and pedigree (Marco Pirroni, The Wolfmen, Olga and The Toy Dolls, The Dickies, Keith from Utah Saints to name but a few) to produce a sound that was at once contemporary, yet steeped in the classic melodies and refrains of the past.

A simple, yet effective plan.

What Silver have achieved is a unique blend of glam, punk, pop, spaghetti western, orchestral & rock 'n' roll elements that fuse seamlessly with feedback guitars, tribal-esque rhythms, and jugular seeking vocals to produce songs that have been described as 'muscular', and 'the sound of James Bond meeting Clint Eastwood in Gotham City'.

Their debut album, XLVII, which features the singles Broken & Sexuality is out now, available directly from their website, www.rockers-goingstarwars.co.uk, and from all major online retailers.


Download press promo one-sheet - PDF format 3.14MB.

Download press promo photos - hi-res TIFF format - 12.5MB / web-friendly JPEG format - 700KB.

For press enquiries please e-mail silver@rockers-going-starwars.co.uk.