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January 2016

From the vaults...

Recorded back in 2009 during one of Silver's earliest recording sessions.

Silver have always been big Bowie fans, and this was their take on a classic track.

It was never intentionally destined for any kind of release, but it felt right that now was the time for it to be heard.

Enjoy, and God bless you David Bowie.

Until next time...

31st December 2014


After taking a short break, we're happy to report that Silver are now back and operational.

Writing for the new album is starting to take shape. Simon and Ciaron are both working on ideas and hope to be in a position to start demoing things really soon.

"The writing process is a strange one. Sometimes things come together really quickly, other times it can take a while longer. We're still in the early stages of everything at the moment so things can go a number of different ways.
That said though, I'm really fired up about new material for the next album. Ideally I'd like to retain the essence of the songs from XLVII but also try new some things that we've not tried before.
We'll see how things develop, it's an exciting time right now."

In the meantime though we're happy to be able to bring you a new track from the boys, their take on the theme from Casino Royale.

"We're both huge James Bond fans so, when we were thinking about recording covers for a bit of fun, a Bond theme was a no-brainer! We indulged ourselves with this for sure!"

Until next time...

21st April 2014

Silver are pleased to announce their inclusion in this month's Vive Le Rock magazine.

The track Sexuality features on the free cover mount CD alongside The Ruts, The Members and others.

Vive Le Rock is the UK's premiere punk / rock / new wave / alternative music magazine. Do yourselves a favour and check it out, we're certainly happy to be a part of it.

We've been pretty busy with promotion since the album launch last year but that's not stopped us from getting into the studio and having some fun recording some of our favourite tunes, by some of our favourite artists. The results will be appearing on our Soundcloud page soon.

In other news, we're in the early stages of putting a live band together. More details when we get them.

Until next time, eat, sleep, deprave, repeat...

8th January 2014

We hope you've all had a great holiday season, and are embracing the new year with open arms.

A big thank you to each and every one of you who have bought the new album so far, your ongoing support is more than appreciated.

If Santa left you wanting then there's no better way to enter the new year than getting hold of a copy yourself, NOW!

CD's are available exclusively right here, and if downloads are more your thing then you're also catered for. Just check out the links to the right, press the right buttons and hey presto!

If you're still procrastinating then allow us to whet your appetite some more...

Until next time, stay sharp...

16th December 2013


The new album from Silver, XLVII, is available to download from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, 7Digital & Rhapsody... NOW!

Listen to another taster from the album, Sexuality, here.

2nd December 2013


Silver are proud to announce the release of their debut album, XLVII, today.

"Imagine Clint Eastwood hanging out with James Bond in Gotham City. Put that into a sound - that sound is Silver".

"10 muscular tracks".

CD's can be ordered right here at the website now, and will be available on all the major online download sites (iTunes, Google, Spotify etc) from 16th December.

Listen to another clip, Kiss Kiss Boom Boom, right here.

Go buy it, you know you want to...

25th November 2013


With the new Silver album release on the horizon we thought we'd bring you another glimpse of what you can expect... listen to 'I Didn't Know' here.

Stay tuned...

18th November 2013


Thank you to everyone so far for buying Broken, the response has been overwhelming.

If you haven't bought it yet, then do yourselves a favour and bag a copy for yourself right here.

The big news is that Silver's debut album, XLVII, will be with us in December and will be available in CD and download formats.

'Bring Me Down' is a taster of things to come, have a listen here.

Look out for more taster tracks in the coming weeks along with more album details.

Until next time...

11th November 2013


The new single is out today, buy it here now to avoid disappointment under the Christmas tree...

10th November 2013

Broken - The Video

6th November 2013

Broken - The Video

Set your VCR's, the promo video for Broken will get it's premiere right here on Sunday night...

3rd November 2013

Broken - Soundcloud Clip

Take a listen to a little taster of the new single, out 11th November...

2nd November 2013

All that glitters is... Silver!

Carty's Light Blue Car blog

1st November 2013

Its the car right? Chicks love the car...

30th October 2013


Silver are pleased to announce the release of their new single, Broken, on 11th November.

The CD will be available here and will contain a 'Light Blue Car Productions' remix exclusive to the single.

Set phasers to stun...

28th October 2013

A Question...

Do you feel 'Broken'?

12th September 2013

For reasons beyond our control things have been quiet for Silver for far too long now.

This is something we fully intend on changing, and we're now taking matters into our own hands.

We thank you for your support.

Expect our new album to be out soon. Keep 'em peeled...

20th August 2013

A Silver feature in this month's Weird Music mag. Check it out here.

More news coming soon...

17th April 2013

The observant among you may have noticed that the website is now live.

As exciting as that may be (and we know it is) you now, at long last, have the ability to purchase CD copies of the latest single, Dear Prudence.

Backed with a 'totally live in the studio' recording of Dear Prudence, we are sure you'll find this a welcome addition to your music collection.

These are strictly limited edition and on a first come, first served basis. So to secure your copy just click the PayPal link found in the right hand column. Once they're gone, they're gone...

Thank you for all your support so far, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Spread the word people, you are beautiful.

'Til next time, be excellent to each other...

25th March 2013

All is well at Silver Towers...

Work on the new album tracks is coming along nicely. More news on this soon.

Latest reports indicate that Dear Prudence is getting massive airplay in the States, which is always nice to hear.

For those of you who requested physical CD copies of the single we're happy to report that they are here and will be available for purchase very soon. They are limited edition so it would be wise to register your interest by dropping us a message via our Facebook page.


And finally, just to tide you over, we have a slightly different take on the Dear Prudence video.

Until next time, play nicely...


3rd March 2013

What's been going on in Camp Silver we hear you ask?

In addition to the digital release of the single, Dear Prudence, Silver have been hard at work putting the finishing touches to their debut album. No news on a release date yet but it's slated for "the second part of this year".

After many, many requests, we're very pleased to announce that limited edition CD copies of the single will be available to purchase shortly. Artwork is being finalised as we speak and production will commence soon.

And finally, whilst in the studio Silver took time out to produce a little performance video for your viewing pleasure. Filmed and recorded completely live in the studio, Simon and Ciaron performed a stripped down, not quite acoustic, acoustic version of Dear Prudence.

Until next time, thank you for your support and remember to spread the word to those you hold dear...

1st February 2013

Five Questions With Silver...

How did your writing partnership come about?

Ciaron: Simon and I had been friends for quite a few years but we'd never really done much together in the way of musical collaborations.

Simon: I was writing and recording demos, one of which I sent to Ciaron.

C: I got wind of some songs that he was working on, and, as I was at a loose end at the time, I suggested that I have a go at adding 'me' to the tracks! What I actually ended up doing was ripping the tracks apart, completely de-constructing them, then re-building them from the ground up. I figured either he'd hate what I'd done, which was OK coz I'd enjoyed working on the tracks anyway, or he'd like it. Luckily for him he LOVED it!

S: We've never looked back from there!


S: For me, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Adam Ant, Marco Pirroni, John Barry & Ennio Morricone.

C: I get influenced by all sorts of things all the time! But formatively speaking, in musical terms at least, I guess the key influences would have been the Pistols, Johnny Thunders / New York Dolls, The Ramones, 50's rock 'n' roll, The Stray Cats, Sinatra, Bow Wow Wow, The Ants, The Cult, Killing Joke... stuff like that. I'm currently grooving on The Jim Jones Revue, I really love their 'Chuck Berry on speed' take on rock 'n' roll.

Why record a cover version of Dear Prudence?

C: I don't really recall much about how this came about to be honest! What I do recall is thinking 'whatever we do, we've gotta use the McCartney bassline coz it's so great'!

S: I liked the song, especially the Banshees version, but I went back to the original by The Beatles. I love the McCartney bass line. I wanted to capture that with Ciaron's guitar style over the top.

C: The references were obviously The Beatles and The Banshees version, but again, after de-constructing and re-building the song I think we've managed to put our own stamp on the song.

What does the future hold for Silver?

S: To continue what we are doing! I want to get another single out, and to take it all out on the road.

C: It's a really busy period right now. Apart from doing the promo stuff for Dear Prudence, we're writing new tracks and putting the final polish on others for the album which will be out later this year. There'll probably be another single out before that though.

The building is burning down, what's the once thing you'd run back to save?

S: All of our demos and song-writing ideas, I'd be lost without those. Oh and a coat, it may be cold outside - I don't do cold!!

C: Assuming that everyone had got out of the building OK, and Si's bagged the demos, then I think it would have to be my Les Paul Junior and my Marshall. But that's two things...

28th January 2013

Silver are proud to announce the release of their debut single, Dear Prudence.

Available from iTunes, Amazon, and all good online retailers...